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Care instructions

It is not recommended to hang your artwork in direct sunlight as high amounts of UV can cause colours to fade or discolour.

It is not recommended to hang your artwork in places that receive high amounts of humidity or moisture e.g. outdoors, above a fireplace, in bathrooms. As the art is created on an MDF board, moisture can cause the artwork to warp out of shape.

When cleaning or moving your artwork, be careful not to scratch the surface of the art as this can cause irreparable damage. You may gently clean the artwork with a microfibre cloth.

Hanging your artwork

Artwork does not include hanging fixtures. Due to the beauty of abstract art there is no correct or incorrect way to display it; it is up to the buyer to choose.

To hang your art, you can use brass plated screw eyes and hanging wire. For smaller lightweight pieces, a D link hanger or removable hanging strips will be sufficient.