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Art by Hannah


About the artist

I am a self-taught artist who discovered resin in April 2017. Since then I have been inspired to create unique and exciting pieces of art and have now started a little business to support this passion.

I am currently completing my degree in Occupational Therapy. I plan to bring art as a therapeutic medium into my practice in the future.

What is resin art?

Resin is a relatively modern art medium which gained popularity in the 1960s. Originally used as structural or engineering adhesives and protective coatings in the construction of aircrafts and other vehicles; epoxy resin is now widely used by artists by mixing it with various pigments and additives.

Resin is initially clear but will take on whatever pigment or colour you add to it. It is poured as a liquid and sets hard like plastic.

The finish of resin is beautifully flawless. It is reflective like glass with high gloss. When iridescent pigments are added to the resin, the art will shimmer in the light.